Monday, January 30, 2012

Ryan's knife 2

This is actually the third restack and draw. Drawing out simply means I am taking a short fat hunk of steel, and making a long skinny one out of it. This billet has been folded until it is a little over 150 layers of steel and nickel. It should make a real pretty knife.

Handle welded, and ready for the forge.

Welding up, and drawing out.

Squaring up and getting the width close.

The drawn out billet. It is now ready to start making a knife.

Band saw cut blanks.

Sizing the blanks. I want these 1/8" thick, and the surface grinder attachment on my ttp:// grinder does the trick, best tool I've invested in in a long time.
The finished blanks. I had enough of the billet to do two. Waste not want not.
Next I will drill holes for handle pins, and big holes to lighten the handle. Grind the bevels into the blade, then heat treat.
More in a day or two.

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