Friday, February 3, 2012

Re-grand opening

My daughter, Jessica, is having her re-grand opening tomorrow from 12 till 5. She has a lot of neat stuff and is always looking for new artists.  I'm in charge of the cupcakes tomorrow, if you can make it, be sure to stop at my table.

Back to Ryan's knife. I got the holes drilled, and heat treating done.

The bolsters and stabilized mesquite wood roughed out. Now all I need to do is finish.

The heat treating on this particular steel went something like this;

Normalizing; Into an oven and heated to 1525 degrees, taken out and air cooled, back in to 1450 degrees, and air cooled, back in to around 1300 and cooled.

Hardening; Into the oven and heated to 1475 degrees, then dunked in quench oil.

Tempering; Into the oven at 350 degrees for two hours, twice.

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