Monday, January 26, 2015

1911 scales

Stainless steel damascus.

The rare times I forge out stainless damascus, I cuss myself for doing it until I see the finished product. How could anything so hard to work turn out so pretty? 304/410/just a hint of mild steel for the damascus.
 These are for sale. Contact me for a price.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A busy start

It has been busy around the shop and the ranch. Bulls out and touring the country, trapping out of sync calves, feeding and busting ice in troughs. I have made a lot of knives since Christmas, and no sign of it slowing down. I will take some time soon and build some things to have for sale at the shop, and some things I want to try. I have been referring most of my buckle orders to Clay Keonig. He needs the work, and I need the time.  I will also try and stick to the damascus spurs for now. I'm sure I will build the plain steel spurs in the future, but I will not take any more orders until I get some things behind me. I hate being behind. Bits orders are welcome and I love to build them.

Curiosity killed the calf

Hogs are still a problem

The grandson, off their Christmas card

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Random with a new camera

Corriente heifer

Forged high port mouth piece

Ready to weld

Feed day

Getting the ropes off the neighbor cow

The weather man lied to us again. He said it would be near 50 Monday, instead, it was 32 and misty rain when we went to catch the neighbor's cow. I really thought she would stand and fight, but she took flight at the first sight of us, and let me tell you, she could run for an old fat cow. She did stay in the open though, and after a short chase, she was caught and loaded in the trailer. We where there less than 30 minutes. Sometimes these things go good, and sometimes they take all day. The bad thing is, it pays the same no matter what.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

More out the door

At least it's not the Christmas rush.
Going to the Sporting District

5" blade

This one will get a pocket clip sheath
The weather has been terrible here, little ice storms and lots of cold wind. We have put off catching an old wild cow for a neighbor that is selling out, and just can't put it off any longer. He needs her gone. Maybe the boys will do all the work and I can have some good pictures with my new camera later in the week.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Poetry spurs

I had the pleasure of building the spurs to be raffled off at the Texas cowboy poetry gathering this year. We attended last year and really enjoyed it.

1018/nickel damascus

My old buddy Carson ordered this bit.

It otta make one go whoa!