Friday, February 15, 2013

Benefit knife

One of our local cowboys was injured severely in a car wreck a couple of weeks ago, and there is a benefit team roping and auction planned for him on March 16. The damascus knife and anything else I can get built will go into the auction. If your in the Cross Plains, Texas area stop by, I'll loan you a horse if you need one. Mutton busting and shetland pony bronc riding is also part of the show.

Amboyna burl and mokume' handle, 1095/15n20/nickel damascus blade.

The next was made for inventory. W2 tool steel and a micarta handle. 3" cutting edge, 7.5" overall length. These are popular knives for those that carry and use every day. 100.00$ w/o a sheath.

Farmer I am not. There is a big difference in a farmer and a rancher. I am a rancher.

 A farmer makes his living tilling the soil, making things grow, then selling what he has grown, hopefully for a profit. He usually keeps a few cows to borrow money against and to make his neighbor mad when they get out onto his farm.

A rancher is in the livestock business. His livestock produce baby livestocks which he attempts to keep alive long enough to sell, never for a profit. He makes a half-assed attempt to farm a few acres, usually something to feed the livestocks he has scattered all over the country, and it is usually a disaster.

2 hours to start the tractor. As you can see, it is both heated and cooled, depending on the season.

Finally up and plowing.

Yep, it's still there.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Specialty blades

These are on the way to my old friend Jr. Jr. cowboys around the West, Texas area and, yes, there really is a town named West. It's just east of Tokio.

He wanted a castrating knife with a blade shaped something like the second blade on a trapper pocket knife, but needed some extra handle to hold onto. Arthritis in his old age I'm sure.

I used 52100 steel on this knife. It holds an edge well, but can be sharpened without a lot of work or equipment. A 2.5" cutting edge ground to zero,  and 4" handle. These things are more like scalpels than knives, which I guess is good, they will be doing surgery.

Heat treating 52100:
 Normalize 3 times, 1750 degrees, then 1550 degrees twice.
 Heat to 1500 degrees and hold for 20 minutes, then quench in oil.
 Temper at 350 degrees, twice, for 2 hours.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random pictures from the week

The rest of the crew was sure they called each other and coordinated their wardrobe.

Christmas bits being put to good use.


I built these stirrups years ago. I need to build some more.