Friday, February 15, 2013

Benefit knife

One of our local cowboys was injured severely in a car wreck a couple of weeks ago, and there is a benefit team roping and auction planned for him on March 16. The damascus knife and anything else I can get built will go into the auction. If your in the Cross Plains, Texas area stop by, I'll loan you a horse if you need one. Mutton busting and shetland pony bronc riding is also part of the show.

Amboyna burl and mokume' handle, 1095/15n20/nickel damascus blade.

The next was made for inventory. W2 tool steel and a micarta handle. 3" cutting edge, 7.5" overall length. These are popular knives for those that carry and use every day. 100.00$ w/o a sheath.

Farmer I am not. There is a big difference in a farmer and a rancher. I am a rancher.

 A farmer makes his living tilling the soil, making things grow, then selling what he has grown, hopefully for a profit. He usually keeps a few cows to borrow money against and to make his neighbor mad when they get out onto his farm.

A rancher is in the livestock business. His livestock produce baby livestocks which he attempts to keep alive long enough to sell, never for a profit. He makes a half-assed attempt to farm a few acres, usually something to feed the livestocks he has scattered all over the country, and it is usually a disaster.

2 hours to start the tractor. As you can see, it is both heated and cooled, depending on the season.

Finally up and plowing.

Yep, it's still there.

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