Sunday, February 10, 2013

Specialty blades

These are on the way to my old friend Jr. Jr. cowboys around the West, Texas area and, yes, there really is a town named West. It's just east of Tokio.

He wanted a castrating knife with a blade shaped something like the second blade on a trapper pocket knife, but needed some extra handle to hold onto. Arthritis in his old age I'm sure.

I used 52100 steel on this knife. It holds an edge well, but can be sharpened without a lot of work or equipment. A 2.5" cutting edge ground to zero,  and 4" handle. These things are more like scalpels than knives, which I guess is good, they will be doing surgery.

Heat treating 52100:
 Normalize 3 times, 1750 degrees, then 1550 degrees twice.
 Heat to 1500 degrees and hold for 20 minutes, then quench in oil.
 Temper at 350 degrees, twice, for 2 hours.

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  1. I got a good laugh out of this. I'm Jr's side kick and found this quite amusing and had to share it with him. I'm sure he will be giving you a phone call to give you a hard time about his arthritis, lol. He's been showing those knives off to everyone ! Keep up the good work ! Look forward to meeting you all one day - Candy