Monday, December 23, 2013

It's over!

I got the last of my Christmas orders finished and out the door yesterday around 5 o'clock. I am taking a couple of days off from the shop minimum. Besides the family thing, I think I'll go ride my horse or something. Anything but 12 hours a day in the shop.

I can't thank everyone enough for thinking of me when selecting gifts. It is an honor to have made every piece, and I hope they serve well for years to come.

This was the last. Ladies size, 7/8" band, 2" shank, and a 1 3/8" 8 point rowel. I predict they will win lots of money in the cutting pen.
Sorry, a cell phone pic was all I had time to take.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ring, ring

These spurs will sound real good when he walks through the coffee shop. they have a 2 1/2 inch shank, 1 inch band, and 1 3/4 hardened and tempered 6 point rowels. They are made from 1018/nickel damascus.

I wish I were a big enough guy to wear this style, I really like them.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Damascus spurs

The top one will be raffled at the I might buy a ticket or two myself.

 Made from 1018/203e/nickel damascus steel with nickel silver and buffalo nickels for decoration.

Ladies size, 1018/nickel steel. 3/4" bands.
These spurs sell for 1000.00$. Thanks Tom! I hope she likes them.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cattle, buckle, and a breakdown

But first, if anyone would like to watch Joe in the world series of team roping, his rotation starts at 10 am Sunday morning.

My morning started out well. I stopped by the Rogers manor to have a cup of coffee with my old buddy Tommy. I left my truck running because I wasn't going to be long and was tired of being cold. When I went back out it was dead, a sensor I was told. My lovely bride snapped this when the wrecker showed up. It took longer to haul it in than it did to fix it.

Thank goodness for repeat customers. Another item out for the T4 crowd. This buckle fits a 3/4 belt, the brand is inlay-ed silver. Thanks Chase!
The rest are random pictures from feeding last week.

Friday, December 13, 2013


A little heavier than most, I used 3/8 inch for the rings. 3/8 mouthpiece, stainless hinge, and silver inlay.
This bit sells for around 275.00$

I sold these knives sheathless. They were sent to rawhider Billy Albin and this is how they came back. Beautiful stuff. I lot of work goes in to rawhide and braiding. I wouldn't have the patience.

I can neither price nor speak for Billy's work load or schedule. I can only put you in contact with him, should some one be interested in his products for my knives.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The bit

The stainless damascus proved to be difficult to work with again. I got this one built, but ruined another, stainless just won't take much forging, and the second required a lot of it.
 This bit is based on an old Bayers number 3 pattern. If you don't know who Adolph Bayers is, do a search, he was an interesting guy.

The start

Mid way


Friday, December 6, 2013

The weather

We got luckier than some of the folks to the east of us. We got around 2 inches of solid sleet, not the freezing rain that crashes the power lines and is impossible to drive on. Lucky us! I know my friends up north would consider the 16 degrees predicted tonight a heat wave at times, but it is COLD for Texas.

Some one please make sure algore see's this post. Maybe he will come help me tote firewood.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Stainless damascus and a buckle

Ready for the forge

The place to be this afternoon. Rain, sleet, and a 20 mph wind made for a miserable day.

I ran these out to about a foot long, 1/2 inch thick, I will pattern it, then take it down to the thickness I want

 I forged out 2 billets of 304 stainless and 1018 carbon steel today. It's kind of a pain to do. One must weld all the edges solid to prevent any oxygen from getting inside, then there are no guarantees that that it will forge weld. I soak the billet at welding temperature a little longer than I do normal billets, then pray a lot. I usually regret taking on these projects, but the bits I will make will certainly be one of a kind. I know of no one else who is crazy enough to fool with this stuff. Stay tuned for the end results.

Below is a 1018/nickel damascus buckle with some fine silver inlay. It fits a one inch belt and is heat colored. 600 degrees for about 30 minutes makes the silver and nickel really stand out.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday morning

I don't know why every body doesn't go to work at this time. They don't know what they are missing. I, for one, will never be accused of sleeping my life away.

I would like to have a rest every now and then though.