Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cattle, buckle, and a breakdown

But first, if anyone would like to watch Joe in the world series of team roping, his rotation starts at 10 am Sunday morning.

My morning started out well. I stopped by the Rogers manor to have a cup of coffee with my old buddy Tommy. I left my truck running because I wasn't going to be long and was tired of being cold. When I went back out it was dead, a sensor I was told. My lovely bride snapped this when the wrecker showed up. It took longer to haul it in than it did to fix it.

Thank goodness for repeat customers. Another item out for the T4 crowd. This buckle fits a 3/4 belt, the brand is inlay-ed silver. Thanks Chase!
The rest are random pictures from feeding last week.


  1. Is that the ugly cow in the 2nd to last pic? ha ha! Every ranch is allowed one ugly cow.:) Are you breaking ice? That is quite a chore. We have been breaking ice in the creek with the excavator! Lazy man way. :)

  2. Yep, breaking ice. It took up a lot of time for 3-4 days. Maybe it will stay mild the rest of the winter.