Monday, April 29, 2013

Hauling horses

Tragedy struck twice on my daughter's place last week. She had a colt fall off into a hole and die, then the colt's mama was down Sunday morning and couldn't get up. A twisted gut more than likely. Without a 5000.00$ surgery that is not guaranteed to work, there is just not much that can save them.
 They say bad things happen in 3's. I hope it's not true this time.

Kim and I had planned on going to town for a hamburger Sunday evening, but she wouldn't ride with me. She insisted on us taking her truck.

When you deal with animals, this kind of thing happens. It's always a little harder when it is a horse or a dog. We get attached to them, they are our buddies, our friends, and it hurts to lose them. Especially the good ones.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Damascus buckle

1018/nickel damascus steel. This buckle was made out of left overs, or drops, from other stuff I've made. It fits a 3/4" belt, and is 2" wide. 150.00$ plus shipping.

I heat colored this buckle. 600 degrees for about 30 minutes gives it the purplish color. It is then oiled while still hot. This lets the oil into all the little pours in the metal and keeps it looking nice.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Short handed

Poor Chase was short handed shipping a load of cattle today. Kyle and Jacob are sick, and all he had to work with was me, and all I did was ride around and take a bunch of pictures.

I'm behind again


Sunday, April 14, 2013

The swap

The swap, or trade, is something I really enjoy. I have received a lot of good stuff from makers of various handmade items that I wouldn't have spent the money on ordinarily. These knives were part of a trade. Kim got her a neat little pistol holster from Jack Gully with these.

1084/15n20 damascus steel.

Mesquite on the handle, I'm sure Jack could use a little Texas in South Dakota.

Monday, April 8, 2013


These where in the mail Friday, but because of prior commitments, I couldn't pick them up until this morning. Armoralleather did a fantastic job on these sheaths.

52100 steel, 3/4" wide, 3" cutting edge. 200.00$

1095/nickel damascus steel. 7/8" wide, 3" cutting edge, Ironwood and nickel silver handle. 275.00$ SOLD

52100 steel. 2.5" cutting edge, 6.25" overall length. Laminated wood and micarta handle. 200.00$

Same dimensions as above with a ram's horn handle. 200.00$

All these knives are completely hand made by me. Prices do not include shipping. Email for more info or pictures.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The eagle flies on Friday

And we all go out to play
Monday morning its the same ole story
I got to do what my boss man say
  Jimmy Reed

We shipped 3 loads of cattle Friday. It is an enjoyable day when you can work with a good crew, stay horseback all day, then get paid at the end of it.


We finally got them out of the creek bottom

Muddy pens were a good excuse to sort horseback


Jacob at the scale gate

Boredom sets in


My helper for the day. The dog got tangled up in my bridle reins first thing that morning. After Peanut and I got him untangled I gave him a little pat on the head and he never left our side the rest of the day.