Monday, April 29, 2013

Hauling horses

Tragedy struck twice on my daughter's place last week. She had a colt fall off into a hole and die, then the colt's mama was down Sunday morning and couldn't get up. A twisted gut more than likely. Without a 5000.00$ surgery that is not guaranteed to work, there is just not much that can save them.
 They say bad things happen in 3's. I hope it's not true this time.

Kim and I had planned on going to town for a hamburger Sunday evening, but she wouldn't ride with me. She insisted on us taking her truck.

When you deal with animals, this kind of thing happens. It's always a little harder when it is a horse or a dog. We get attached to them, they are our buddies, our friends, and it hurts to lose them. Especially the good ones.

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