Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Computer that is. wildblue has been giving us trouble again, so we have the hughes net people on the way. Maybe they will allow me to at least check my email once in a while. Wildblue has not been cooperative at all, everything is our fault. We use up our service a week into every month, but our Ipad on basic service will last for the same month.

On to better things.

My friend Frankie, who runs the locker plant in Cross Plains, called me in a panic last Thursday afternoon. The ladies that actually do all the work had had a steer get out of their pens, and he was reeking havoc around our fair city.
 He was a big old ex roping steer, longhorn of course, and was extremely agitated with the trailer ride to, and his new accommodations at, the butcher shop. He left at a dead run, passed through the tire shop, ran everybody out of the Dairy Queen parking lot, emptied the gas islands at the convenience store, then ended up inside a chain linked fenced in area filled up with deer stands and feeders that J&L has for sale. Joe and Brittany at the deer stand place had the good sense to shut the gate.
 I found Joe, my ace cowboy, and we loaded our horses and headed to town.
 We arrived to a crowd of on lookers and well wishers that would have made the Ft. Worth rodeo crowd look small. I commented to Joe that if we missed very much, or screwed up something that they would talk about us for years. The pressure was on.
 The steer had kept himself busy keeping everybody inside the office inside the office, and was head hunting for anybody that might venture inside the gate. He was a bad one!
  We unloaded our horses and waded into the maze of deer hunting equipment. We finally got him out into a small opening in a corner, got two ropes on him, and headed to the trailer. He drug hard, but we got him in the trailer and I heard the gate slam. I backed my horse up to give the steer some air and heard a scream. It seems Joe the deer stand guy had not gotten the gate shut good, the steer hooked the gate, then hooked Joe, tossing him over the trailer gate, then was making another run for it till the rope came tight again. We reloaded him and got back to the locker plant before he could hurt any one else.
 I'm still wondering how the eighty-something year old couple that owned him got him loaded and to town in the first place.


  1. Hey I saw this post and have to say we are having the exact same problem with our Wildblue we even bumped up our usage so that we didn't go over but still we were using it up after a week into the new month and it's getting ridiculous! You will have to let me know how Hughes net works because we have thought about switching ourselves. And that was quite the escapade glad most everyone came out safe!


  2. Hughesnet will be here Friday, it can't be any worse. I'll keep you posted.

  3. Ha! Great story, the elderly couple probably loaded him with a feedpan but as you know sometimes in new surroundings things can get a little western.