Thursday, January 22, 2015

A busy start

It has been busy around the shop and the ranch. Bulls out and touring the country, trapping out of sync calves, feeding and busting ice in troughs. I have made a lot of knives since Christmas, and no sign of it slowing down. I will take some time soon and build some things to have for sale at the shop, and some things I want to try. I have been referring most of my buckle orders to Clay Keonig. He needs the work, and I need the time.  I will also try and stick to the damascus spurs for now. I'm sure I will build the plain steel spurs in the future, but I will not take any more orders until I get some things behind me. I hate being behind. Bits orders are welcome and I love to build them.

Curiosity killed the calf

Hogs are still a problem

The grandson, off their Christmas card

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