Friday, January 20, 2012

Makers Mark

I've had a call or two lately asking how to identify my spurs. Here it is, I stamp the inside of the bands before I finish bending them into a spur shape.

The cent mark goes on everything I build. The 1 pc is signifying that it is a one piece spur. The 113 is how many I have done since I started numbering them.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday around the ranch.

Drawing Medicine

Kyle and Steve are about to doctor a sick one. I learned a lesson on this one. I was so busy taking pictures that I didn't rope, and had to lope down there and be the ground crew. It won't happen again.

These calves have been through a sale barn, loaded on a truck, and shipped half way across the country to a vastly different climate. some of them are bound to get sick. The "doctorin"is done by healing the calf, and giving him a shot of what we think will cure him. In these two pictures, they have cut out the sick one from the bunch, and are attempting to walk up and catch him with out much fuss. The less they run, the less stress, and the faster they get better and start making money.

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