Friday, January 13, 2012

Receiving cattle

Here are three little knives I finished this morning while waiting on daylight. 5160/8670/15n20 damascus. Amboyna, spalted oak, and ironwood handles.

We started getting in some calves today to put out on some wheat pastures. These calves are weighing 450 pounds and are fresh off their mama's. we run them through the chute, vaccinate, and brand them, then turn them out on the grass in a few days,  hopefully to gain a lot of weight and make a few bucks.
These little darlings came out of Mississippi, were in surprisingly good shape, and bawled for their mama's very little today. We will get these straight and out of the lot pretty quick.
The cattle, just off the truck

Getting started

The tub, a simple way to describe a cow funnel.
Bringing the cattle to the tub was my job today, when I wasn't busy taking pictures.

Branding, vaccinating, and dehorning. This is run kind if like an assembly line. If nothing breaks, we can run 100 head an hour through the chute pretty easy.

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