Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I got these finished yesterday. The look we were going for was something in the old McChesney style spurs. I guess I accomplished it. These are one piece spurs with nickel silver mountings. The originals where hammered out of old car axles I think. I didn't use an axle, but I used the same type steel, 4140. It is some tough stuff, but sure polishes out nice.

I got these back from Armoralleather. He did his usual top notch job on the sheaths.

5160/8670/15n20 damascus, plain leather left handed sheath.

These two are ball bearing and 1095 damascus. the sheaths have a snake skin inlay. The little one has a pocket clip on the back side. Nice if you don't wear a belt, or want to keep it near the top of your purse.

We got 3.5" of rain at Cottonwood, and 2.5" at my shop last night. I saw one tank run around the spillway for the first time in three years. Maybe this is leading to a better summer than we had last year. This country has a lot of healing to do before things get back to normal. 

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