Monday, January 2, 2012

Old places

Old head gate

Old chimney

There are a lot of these old homesteads scattered around our part of the world. This one is not far behind my house, and I go dig around in the area once in a while. Most of these people were farmers and stockman that droughted out back in the 1950's, and had to move to town and get J.O.B.s. I hope some body isn't digging around my place in 60 years, then blogging about it. Most of this country is still in desperate need of some good soaking rains, and some tank water. Another year of this and there will be a lot more of us in town.
Low mileage, used horses for sale.


  1. Chad

    I got your blog listed on the Best Ag Blogs page. Outstanding work the knifes and and spurs are great. I just started the ag blog link page over at ( and haven't had time to get it hammered out but I think it will do well. Nice blog and glad to have you on the page.