Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have gotten a lot done the last day or two. I start out finishing on my spurs with a 40 grit belt, then get progressively finer, to a minimum of 400 grit. I will run some on to 800 grit if they are wall hangers. One thing I've learned is belts are cheap. Keeping a sharp belt cuts my time in half and does a lot better job. I'm kinda in production mode until Christmas, and use every time saver I can find.

Cutting the rowel slot. I cut it close with the band saw, then clean it up on the belt grinder.
I'm missing some minor steps in all of this, sometimes because I get busy and forget to take pictures, and sometimes because it's boring. Maybe I should hire a biographer, at least he could document the cuss words that it takes to make a set of spurs.

This set is almost ready for silver.

I road to the sale barn this morning with a neighbor. Lots of rough, thin cattle. You could tell that the hard to catch ones are finally getting caught. Lots of cattle that have never been out of the brush, much less in a pen and took care of. Every body is out of grass and water, and hay is to expensive. So goes a drought. Look out, it's going to last another summer, and there will be lots of broke cowboys by next fall.


  1. I still find it amazing how you turn those raw materials into what you do! ...very neat! I'll have to get a knife off of ya one of these days.

  2. Be thinking of exactly what you want, and I'll fix you up.

  3. I didn't see any pricing on your website. It probably varies on price with how big and materials used, right?

  4. There are quite a few variables in pricing. Damascus is more expensive than plain steel, some handle material can get pricey, but most of it is about time. I do some real plain knives that some area cowboys carry every day starting at 165.00$ and they go up from there. I usually tell people to draw up all they want, and If it is too expensive we scale back from there.
    I'm also up for a trade, email me If you are interested.

  5. That sounds great. It'll be strapped to my belt everyday getting used. I'll come up with a idea or two and like you said, we'll go from there.
    Oh, I loved your cell phone story you just posted!