Sunday, November 20, 2011

Retirement buckles

This buckle is going out as a retirement gift. 1018 /nickel damascus, sterling letters.

It's funny how things are ordered or sold. I built a friend a buckle like this one a couple of years ago, and some one that owns an electronics store saw it and ordered one just like it.

Word of mouth has always been my best advertising. The web site has always been just a place that some one that already knows about me goes to get my phone number. It is also hard to get updated, thus the blog. I can do most of this myself, post things as they get done, and show some work in progresses when I can remember to take pictures. I have sold more items and had more inquiries off the blog than any thing else I've tried, but it still can't beat some one bragging on, or showing off something I've made.

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