Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dee's reply

I was pleasantly surprised this morning by a reply to my email to Ms Dee Jepsen. I won't bore everyone with the entire email, but will summarize by saying she seems to be sympathetic to my cause. She stated that she was only the messenger, not the enforcer. Also, she is not with the dept. of no labor, but is a professor at OSU, that teaches farm safety and was merely commenting on the new rules. I started to invite her to my school, there have been lots of kids through it and they all got quite an education.

Now on to important things:
Our first two calves out of our good cows. If prices hold, I'll be able to retire on these two.
We calve on this set between now and Christmas, work them in April, then ween in June. Most years we turn them out on grass until they weigh around 800 pounds, then send them to the feed yard.

A little knife I finished yesterday. 2.75" cutting edge, 7.25" overall length. The wood is black locust that I bought from Mike928, a follower of this blog. Good stuff Mike, it left for a good home this morning.

Kyle's deer for 2011.  He hunts about 15 minutes every year and gets something like this. I guess it helps that he cowboys all day every day on the ranch and knows where every thing hangs out, and what time they get there.

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  1. I read the link you posted on this labor issue thing and don't even know what to say. Probably goes on the list with the cow fart tax, outlawing branding, and such. Nice cows, calves, knife, and buck! "...retire on these two"