Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rodeo spurs

I get to build rough stock spurs once in a while. I don't consider it a specialty or anything, I think I'm just a maker who listens and builds exactly what they want.
 The top is a set of 1 piece bareback spurs that will be at the NFR in December. I will bet he has the only one piece spurs there. 10 points to anyone that can name him!
 The next will be at the NFR in a couple of years. These are welded. I'm not sure I can forge these and keep a clean line and straight shank on these skewed ones.

A cold front is blowing through. Might be a good day to hang around the forge tomorrow. I have a lot to forge, spurs, buckles, and knives, all on the Christmas list. It's coming fast.

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