Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Child farm labor

  I recently read an article where you stated the farm labor laws needed to be changed. Why? We are doing just fine as far as I can tell. Has there been a big increase in injuries or deaths to children helping their grandpas and uncles on the ranch that I haven't heard about? 
 I paid my own way through most things as a kid working with horses, and my children worked horse back and hauling hay as they were growing up. It instilled one heck of a work ethic in them. It taught them how to be real men and women, and the value of a dollar. It is a big boost to a kids self esteem when the neighbors ask them to work, not because they are cheap, but because they are good hands. I look forward to my grand kids helping me on the ranch, and I'm smart enough to teach them how to work safely, just as my grandfather taught me.
 We are not all as stupid here on the ranch as some in the government believe. Please leave us alone.
Chad Cunningham
10693 cr 452
Cross Plains, Tx 76443

P.S. Might I suggest solitaire on your computer if you need something to do, instead of thinking up these asinine rules that don't do any thing but make things harder on a parent and rancher.

This is an email I sent to a Ms Dee Jepsen. She is with the dept. of labor, and, or, the dept. of food, drug, and biological engineering. Either way I am sick of the government treating me like I am stupid. It seems there are more rules every day, that help nothing or anybody. 
 If you haven't heard of the new rules they are proposing for farm labor, you should, hell, your kid won't even be able to mow his grandma's yard. Ridiculous!
This kinda sums it up better than I can, after all I'm stupid, just ask the government.

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