Friday, November 4, 2011

Deer season

But first, important stuff like spurs. Made from farriers rasps, old silver quarters for conchos.

Deer season starts in the morning. Traffic on our dirt roads has been dangerous for the past 2 days, lots more silver cans in the ditch, make sure the dogs stay home, count cattle sunday and monday and check for bullet wounds, direct lost hunters to the road they missed a mile back, and answer the question,"what do ya'll do out here".
 It's really not that bad( except for the traffic, slow down, it ain't the interstate). Cross Plains put on a big hunters feed tomorrow at noon, and my chamber of commerce bigwig daughter has set me up a booth to sell my knives from. 11 am - 3 pm, how bad could it be? She also informed me that I am now a member of the COC, even though I actually live and work in the  big city of Admiral. I will put my foot down when she tries to make me attend one of those meetings. are her businesses. Take a look, she's pretty talented.

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