Friday, December 2, 2011

Cell phones

 I didn't want one for a long time, but was finally talked into it. I got a bag phone because I was in and out of several vehicles every day, and didn't want the permanent kind. They were the only choices. It didn't work most places I went, and the wrong people had my number the rare times it did. Service started improving, and once, when I got my pick-up stuck in the mud I was able to call some one to come get me and started liking it a little bit.
 The bag phone went out, and I was informed that they where no longer available, and that I would have to make do with the little hand held kind. These were not as powerful as the bag phone, so I was back without service most of the time, and when I did, the wrong people called. Service improved, and once, while checking yearlings, I discovered fence down and the yearlings gone. I was able to call the calvary, get them back home and not be too late for supper. I started liking it a little more.
 The little hand held went out, and I was told that I was going to be using An Iphone. Now I read the paper, check cattle futures, and play a mean game of solitaire, all on the phone. When yearlings are out or sick I don't call the calvary now, I text message them.
 Shipping cattle this summer, we all made sure we had each others phone number so we could call if we struck cattle or needed help. It just didn't seem right watching some of the best cowboys in this country pushing cattle with a phone stuck to their ear.
  I even took this picture with my phone, then emailed it to myself.
 Ya'll call me some time.

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