Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stocking stuffers

I try to make up a few things for relatives and friends that pass through at Christmas. If they stay to long they don't get any thing next year.

 These are made from Mexican coins. I knock the middle out, draw a letter or shape on, cut it out with a jewelers saw, and knock it back in. Pretty simple and pretty popular.
 A college student that helps on the ranch during the summers still has family in Mexico, and he saves his change when he goes visiting.
 I have a lot finished and out the door, some knives on the way back from the sheath maker, and 2 sets of spurs to finish. I wished I could show most of it, but I'm scared I will spoil a surprise. I don't think the recipient would mind, but the mamas that ordered some of this  stuff can get pretty mean. I guess it will make good blogging after Christmas.

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