Sunday, December 25, 2011

New camera

But first the important stuff. My niece won the big buck of the family this year. She went out by her self, sat patiently, and was rewarded with this
A 12 point is hard to beat any year.

I received a new camera for Christmas. I think Kim is tired of me bugging her for her camera. She probably thinks I'm going to drop it or something.
 I got a Nikon 1, if that means anything to anyone. So far it seems simple, takes a good picture, and they are easy to download. I still need to learn a lot about editing, but I will get there if my patience allows.
These are some I took today trying to figure things out.

They are better than my cell phone any way. I will finish these spurs in a day or two, and post the finished product.
Helpful hints on editing, resizing, etc would be appreciated.

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