Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scrap damascus buckle

I save all my cut-offs from other things I make, pitch them in a coffee can, then every once in a while I weld them all together, and make something out of the scrap.
I weld these all together using what is called a canister weld. Basically what I do is cut a length of 10 gauge square tubing, weld an end on, stuff it with scrap, fill the voids with steel powder, weld the other end shut, then heat it to welding temperature in my forge and hammer it out flat.

This buckle was made in this fashion.

It's amazing how lighting makes the buckle change. One was taken outside, one inside. 

More cow working pictures from Kim Goldsmith.
Kyle and I working the alley. I'm the distinguished older gentleman... or the grouchy old fart, depending on which one of us you ask.

John cutting one out.

Joe, working the chute. 

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