Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spurs, knife, and tearing things up

I spent yesterday afternoon decorating birthday present spurs to the direction of the birthday girl. We managed to keep a secret, gave her the spurs without silver, and let her put what she wanted on them.
There was only one question I forgot to ask. How old are you Kim? I saw what I thought was a forrest fire to the north wednesday evening, might have just been candles.

Ole Jug ought to giddy-up now!

I got this one back from Armorall Leather. 1095/nickel damascus, with a paper micarta handle. 
It is for sale, email for details.

We have been clearing cedar on some country just south of my house. My intention is to get the native grasses back in place, and the water flowing from the springs again. Cedar chokes every thing else out, and gets most of the water. Hunters like it, but I can't understand why, deer won't hang out in them unless they are pressured, mainly because there is nothing to eat, and the cedar flies chew them up.

I wasn't standing in the same place when these pictures where taken, but you get the idea.

Another casualty. The seeder is pretty well trashed. I guess that's what I get for working on Sunday. I really should sell every thing that can rust but horse shoes. Me and anything mechanical just don't get along.


  1. More great work! That sucks on the seeder! I have a seeding post coming up myself. I'm one step up from using my hand to spread it this year.

  2. I will probably get one that mounts on a 4 wheeler next. Most of the country I have left is real rough.