Sunday, March 18, 2012

Preg checking

We managed to salvage 30 heifers out of the drought this year. They spent the winter where I want to cut hay this summer, so while I had them penned to move them, we pregnancy checked.
I put a bull with these cattle for 60 days and pulled him out about 6 weeks ago. Being this light bred, I got the Doc to bring his sonogram to be sure.
 60 days might not seem like long for the bull to be in with the cows, but I've found that if they don't breed in that time, I probably don't want them. 27 out of the 30 where bred. Not a bad ratio when your dealing with heifers.

Thomas, our spring break help. I hope the d.o.l. doesn't see this.

Joe checked first to hone his palpating skills,

then the doc checked him with the sonogram.

Joe did real good, he didn't miss many, but we are 100% sure now. 

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