Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mailed knife and politics

I got Ryan's knife back from the sheath maker and snapped a few pictures before I sent it on up to him.

I hope it serves him well.


Here are a few articles I came across while fooling around on the internet.

It is a shame that the biggest thing on farmers and ranchers minds is the federal gubmint and it's regulations.

They aren't going to go away on this one folks. When we where told that America would be transformed, he meant it. How come nobody asked what it would be transformed to. Maybe he was and it didn't get reported.

 I would like to remind Mr gubmint lady Solis that I, as well as the neighbor kid's parents that will come help me work my calves in a few weeks, know a lot better how to raise our children than you do. Horseback and following me around is a lot safer and more educational than sitting in front of a video game. Just think of all the new words he will learn when the cattle don't pen or some one leaves a gate open. Why deprive these ranch kids the opportunity for a real education? Do you hate children, or just the farmers and ranchers?
Leave us alone Ms Solis.

 I would also like to take this time to remind the federal gubmint that my family and I have to eat what we produce. We don't have a secret stash of clean food that we eat, and send the dirty stuff to the grocery store for the townies to eat.
 We also have to breath the same air, and drink the same water you do.
  Please get off our backs and let us make a living.

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  1. Sweet! Looking forward to getting it!