Friday, March 9, 2012

New labor laws

Double H photo sums up what is going on with the new labor laws that the federal government is intent on pushing through no matter how bad an idea it is.
This, and the fact that they are also wanting to do away with the 4-H and FFA in favor of of some kind of nationalized system hasn't gotten much attention from our regular media sources. Most people have no idea how we live here in fly over country,  where their food comes from, or how it is produced.
These rules will reach a lot further than the farm or ranch. The way I read them, your kid won't to be able to mow the neighbor's lawn for a few bucks.

I often wonder what will happen when I finally decide not to give up any more of my freedoms.

Where will America's Siberia be?

Shall I dress for warm or cold weather when I'm sent to the re-education camps?

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