Saturday, October 8, 2011


I helped a neighbor ship his cows yesterday. It was a damned sad event. All 2nd and 3rd calf cows, angus cross, a better set of cows won't be found any where. He has been out of grass all summer, and had finally run out of feed, he didn't have much choice. He is an older guy, and I hope he can start over when this drought breaks, but I got my doubts  that he will. He seemed in a good humor but I could see the wind had left his sails. Neighbors like him are hard to come by in this country any more.
My children where brought up horseback, and always involved in my ranching enterprises, and I can't imagine them having a town job, but if this thing doesn't break next spring we will have to reconfigure at the very least. Jessica raises goats, that might be the answer, Kyle and Joe are pretty good hands with young horses, maybe they can take a few out side ones. I bet we make it, It just might get a little lean for a while.
So goes the industry, if it wasn't this, it would be something else.
On a lighter note, the bit, spur, and knife business is booming. Christmas is just around the corner, place your order now, or you might not get it till April!

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