Saturday, October 15, 2011

Forging damascus

Back from the sheath maker. Murph did a heck of a job on it. I sent this to soldier Tom Nix's dad today, so he can send to him in Afghanistan.

I spent friday afternoon forging damascus. These are some pictures Kim took while she made one of her rare appearances at the shop. I will add more photos in future posts, all the way through the finished product.
The stack. This is either 1080/nickel, or 1080/15n20. I was working both at the same time. I stack the steels in an alternating sequence, bring to welding heat, and set the weld with a hammer and anvil.

I bring it back to welding heat, then on to the press, where I make sure everything is welded, and squared up.
I will show more in future posts. I finished these 2 billets today, and they turned out real good.

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  1. This looks promising. I've done a few small forged knives and every time pictures like these come up, they inspire me to move toward the fire.