Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I dislike very little in life, but I hate hay. There is something backwards about it. We put it inside the barn when it's 103 degrees, and take it back to the pasture when it's -3. It should work the other way.

My view all day today. At least I finally got old enough to drive.
The days first disaster. My cowboys didn't stack it right, and I was driving to fast.
   A lovely job of stacking, I'm sure you will all agree.
Hay in our country is worth more than gold this year. No body in Texas has made any at all. We are luckier than most, this came off a little sub-irrigated spot that we didn't graze all summer, and it should see our horses through the winter. The indians called february the month the babies cry, everything will be crying this february.

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