Sunday, November 17, 2013

The week that was

Sick cattle. Things aren't always rosy in the cattle business, especially when you buy yearlings. Things get sick, it's our job to get them over it.

The walking dead

The cavalry arrives just in time

Dr killdeer and nurse ratchet hard at work

The mark of the beast

I runtoft with Jessica and Hillary (against my better judgement) to another sorting Saturday. Actually two of them. I felt like we were back on the old rodeo trail again. It's a little more pleasant now, Jessica doesn't whine quite as much as she did when she was in high school, plus, I don't have to drive.
 I ran into my little buddy, Hunter, at the show in Abilene. He was helping the stock contractor and hadn't brought a horse, so I cleared it with his boss and entered us up with him riding Peanut the wonder horse. I couldn't find him until right before our run, but we connected just as they were calling our names. He bailed onto Peanut and entered the pen with his stirrups too long and not knowing anything about the horse and we went to work. When the dust had cleared we had won the whole thing! As we rode out, he said, DANG! what a horse. I said DANG! what a horseman. Hunter is 13.
Boredom sets in, so let's check facebook

You know your really bored when you are taking pictures of your own feet

The road between Abilene and Breckenridge

Headed home, it's past my bedtime
 None of my pictures of the sorting came out. Too dark inside the arena I guess.

A few knives I finished.


  1. Been lucky with sick calves this year. Only had one steer with a snotty nose. All healed up. All our calves are gone but 3! We've had an issue with pink eye this year in the cows. ugh!

  2. Add iodine to your salt, your pinkeye will probably clear up.

  3. As my wise Dad used to say, the best part of this business is the livin' and breathin' but that goes hand in hand with dying' and rottin'. Best of luck with your calves!