Sunday, November 3, 2013

Knives, bits, and baby sitting

As busy a week as it was on the ranch, I managed to get quite a bit out of the shop. I also avoided getting me or my horse shot, it was the first week end of deer season and there was a hunter behind every bush.

Pencil cactus and damascus handle

Snaffle bits are too easy to buy cheap at the feed store. The rare ones I get to make are like the top one, made for a specific horse and a guy that really knows horses, or the bottom, a guy that is tired of Chinese and rides a lot of colts. I use stainless steel for my rings and hinges, I'll bet those little pinko commie SOB's don't.
Our wonderful children runtoft for the week end and left us to take care of all their damned dogs. 10 dogs of various age and size spent a few nights, most in my bed, smelling like a skunk. Yep, the pack killed a skunk behind the house, and 10 dogs are quite a big job to bathe.
Kim trying catch some dogs to spritz the skunk off some of them

The canine hoard

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