Friday, November 8, 2013

Good cattle

Our order buyer picked us up seven steers and one beautiful cow yesterday.

We try to ship 50000 pound loads when we ship cattle, either to the feed yard or their new owner, as the trucking cost the same loaded to the gills or half empty. These steers will make up a load with what we already own.
 These steers weighed around 700 pounds, we will ship them to the feed yard when they are somewhere over 800 pounds.

Joe is ready to go and I'm taking pictures!

We don't turn anything out without a brand

Cunningham Ranch, home of the ugly cow


  1. No cow is ugly! Maybe a little homely looking! ha ha! I think every ranch has a few "homely" cows. Theres a few here. But they sure have nice babies.

  2. She fits right in with most of my cows on the north end. Nothing is prettier than a longhorn standing in the prickly pear and mesquite!