Saturday, November 23, 2013

Knives, bits, and the weather

32 degrees and raining/sleeting when I left the house this morning. It hasn't made up it's mind whether it wants to freeze over on the roads or not. Lots of wrecks up on the interstate any way. It's awfully early for this kind of weather here, and awfully hard on the livestock and those that take care of them.

I got these  knives finished Wednesday. Three sold before they got off the bench, The other two are promised. Christmas has been crazy.
1084/15n20 damascus, with a rain drop pattern.

I finished this bit this morning. It's going to a guy that rides lots of horses, and its a pretty good transition from a snaffle to something with a little more whoa.

I got these back from Armoralleather yesterday. These knives are promised also.

Cow bone, I love cow bone handles.

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