Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ranch pictures

We got out and looked around this afternoon. these are a few pictures we took on the Admiral place.
A shot from the hill, looking north east. My shop is to the left in the picture.
Angel, my bulldog, cooling off.

Kim's longhorn cow. The purpose of her longhorn herd is to let them die of old age, get their heads, and mosaic them. They do turn out pretty. She allows me to put an angus bull with her cows and keep the calves.
I hope this bunch of cows survive the drought. It's gonna be a long winter for them, with no more feed than we have, but they will probably run out of water before we run out of feed so it won't matter. We are luckier than a lot of cattlemen in the area. There are a lot that are desperate to sell or ship now, and the sale barns and slaughter plants are completely full of east Texas cattle. Fire ran most of them out of grass, and it is causing lots of big runs at the sales. Thing can always get worse, and they will.

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