Thursday, September 1, 2011


Here is one back from the sheath maker. Back in the mail tomorrow to it's new owner.

It is dry. Eastland and Brownwood, to the east and south of us are implementing some pretty severe water restrictions, and Abilene to the west is not far behind. I sure hope everyone enjoyed their green lawns, and hope they don't wish they had all that water to bath with by this time next year. Yes, next year. Unless we get a hurricane through here to run some water, this drought won't be over with this year, and maybe not next year.
 February and March will be brutal on what livestock is left in this country,  especially  for the folks that depend on wheat or oat pastures for winter feed. Those that haven't made feed arrangements might not get much. The feed mills in this area are already running 1 month behind, and it is just September 1st. No one can afford to feed 125.00$ round bales for very long. There is lots of alfalfa passing through,  it is expensive, but a better deal than grass hay.
 I always wanted to live in historic times, and I guess I do!

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