Wednesday, September 14, 2011


#1 & 2 is a 1095/ nickel damascus knife and sheath. 6 inches overall length.
#3 is stainless damascus, with a pocket clipped anaconda inlayed sheath. 5 inches overall length.
#4 is 5160/8670 damascus. 5 inch blade with axis antler handle.
If you see one you like, email me. If it is not available, I can build one like it.
This is a cell phone picture I took this morning. Things are bad when briars on the fence rows are droughting out. I have never seen this happen, nor has any one I have talked to. Lots of our trees are shutting down, almost like it is late fall. It's gonna be a long winter.
 Things could always be worse, I could be a wheat farmer with no insurance.

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