Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As usual I have too many of them in the fire. I try to keep at least two things going in the shop, so when I'm waiting on something to cool, or epoxy to dry, I have something to work on.
I've over done it this time. As as of 5 o'clock today when the 106 degree heat forced me to quit, I had 4 sets of spurs in various stages of construction, 12 won buckles, 2 knives, and 1 set of conchos.

These are the scorpion spurs I sold last week. He wanted his brand added. I will glue the drawing onto silver, then cut it out with a jewelers saw and solder them to the spurs.

A pile of stuff, I sure wished some of it was finished. They should make pretty buckles anyway.

There is a bright spot though, I still haven't had to bale hay, and we are almost done.


  1. 106... Gotta love Texas. I've had to stay out of the shop due to the heat and how poorly the building was planned. The heat beams down all day.

    Great looking stuff though Mr. Cunningham!

  2. Thanks Mike. I've been trying to be done at the forge by 7 am, the rest of the day I work a little while, then stand in front of the fan a little while.