Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pig sticker

I spent most of the weekend at a rodeo with my niece, Kristen, but did manage to finish these in the few hours I had in the shop. She did real good by the way.

Pig sticker/camp knife/fighter/zombie slayer. I'm not real sure what category these fall into, they will probably be used for all of the above at some point.

These are made from A2 tool steel ( for you technical types)
These knives are 14.25" overall length, with a 10" cutting edge. The blade is 1.5" wide, and 3/16" thick at the spine.
I flat ground this knife to almost "0" at the edge, and it is sharp enough to shave with. Had it been a true camp knife, I would have left a little meat on the blade for strength. I also put a false edge on top these, something a camp knife doesn't need.
Whether butchering wild hogs, chopping fire wood to cook it on, or protecting the kill from the inevitable zombie apocalypse, these knives should do nicely.

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