Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dragging wreck, almost

I will show something you probably wouldn't see on any other blog. The gray mare was fresh, I hadn't dragged calves in a long time, and my ground crew had to wake up.

The object of all this is to lessen the stress on or calves, but to still get them cut and vaccinated. I'm working with a really good crew, that puts up with all the camera BS. I tell them I'm gonna make them famous, and everything flows from there.

First mistake, pantyhosed him.

Ole gray turned the wrong way, and got a rope under her tail. 

We are attempting to turn out of a potential wreck.

Things ain't working out so well for us today.

Things are looking up.

Ole gray is now paying attention.

straightening things out. 

Back to making a hand.

Things don't always go as they look in the picture books. Cowboying ain't nothing but hard work divided by two. Had I been riding a lesser horse, you would have seen an old man bucked off, and Joe, Kyle, and John laughing hysterically. Now we can move on and laugh at them. More wrecks to come!

I live for this kind of stuff. Nothing has more appeal, or shows what a person is made of more than this kind of work. The fluid motion between calf, horse, and cowboy is something that can't be staged. Everything you see is real.


  1. Great post! Couldn't agree with you more! Your sentence - "the fluid motion"...stopped me in my tracks! Wow!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sometimes it is hard to know how things will be received.