Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finished from friday

I finished the knife blanks I showed on friday.
All are 5160/8670/15n20 damascus steel, with 304 stainless steel bolsters. 4 have Bois d'arc handles, the other 2 have antique paper micarta.

Bois d'arc goes by a lot of different names. Osage orange and horse apple tree are two that I've heard it called. It is an extremely dense and hard wood that will never rot. I cut this wood out of some old fence posts that had been in the ground and holding a fence up since back in the 1930's. The indians used it to make bows, and it is also how khaki clothes got their color until WW 2. It is one of the only woods I like on a knife handle that doesn't need to be figured or burled to be pretty.

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