Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am not a doomsdayer, nor am I a conspiracy theorist. However I am a realist. The war on the family farm is real, and I feel like I am the only one that is fighting. So be it, I've got lots of ammunition.
I raised my children to be independent thinkers, ones that think outside the box, and would hate to go against them in either a shooting war or a team roping, they can beat you either way.
The new federal regulations for child labor are a crock of crap. Kyle, Jessica, and Joe have been following me around since they were old enough to sit on a horse, doing a days work, and saving me lots of steps. The proudest I have ever seen any of them is when the neighbors asked for them to be on the cow working crew, and they got paid just like grown people. Now they can't even mow their grand ma's yard.
Pink slime. Made up. If you didn't know what was in your hamburger, shame on you, not me.
Mad cow. The only confirmed cases of mad cow disease have been from cows that came from Canada or England. Pick on them. The dairy industry is so far removed from the beef industry that a comparison can not be made. Get the government out of the dairy business, and things would straighten up.
For the past 10 years or so, about all I've asked is to be left alone. I take no government money, asked for none of their help, and only ask that they leave the free markets open and allow me to succeed or fail. It is all on me. This is a foreign concept I know, but it is the way I want it. Most of my competitors don't feel this way, and that is fine, I am beating them because I don't have anyone to answer too but me.
The government is after private property, and will use any story it can think up to get it. Water is next, when they get control of our water, they have us. Well, they have you, I haven't given up yet, and probably won't.
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