Monday, July 25, 2011


It is as dry as I have ever seen it. And not just here, it's state wide. The sale barns in our region are running at full capacity, Coleman has been selling 5000 head a week, Abilene 3000, evan the smaller sale's pens are full every week. If my mental calculations are right, there have probably been 100000 head of livestock sold in the last month in our region alone.
 Lots of cattle heading north. I'm just glad they aren't all being turned into hamburger, this country will have to rebuild  someday and maybe they will sell us a few back.
 The good news is, we will survive. I should be able to carry over 160 head of mama cows and 100 heifers, barring a fire or other natural disaster. Fire is really no threat because there is not much left to burn.
 Hay is pretty much non existent, it can be hauled in from up north, but I can't feed grass hay to cows and make any thing at all for what that cost. I did make a deal on some alfalfa, it is better any way.
 Water, there is none if you depend on tanks. I have some pastures I haven't run a cow in in better than 2 years. Most have wells, but we ran those dry too. We are running every thing where we have good wells, and thats not much country.
 It will change, and we will be wishing it would quit raining someday. I just hope it does it before it's to late.

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