Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I posted buckles today at the request of Lt. Col Glenn Moore. Welcome home buddy, I owe you a buckle, and a knife too, let me know what you want.
The top picture is a stainless steel damascus, and a mokume buckle. Mokume is copper, brass, and nickel silver mixed together to make the pattern you see. The stainless is the same, just different types of stainless mixed together.
The others are won buckles I made for our local ranch rodeo. Carbon steel damascus.


  1. Wow, I am deeply honored to be mentioned on your site....You have some beautiful work here and I do love it all and will be forwarding this link out to my friends over this way. Thank you again and I will be ordering a knife as well hopefully after the boys get to bed!!!! Thanks again Chad, would love to get to see you and Kim next time I am in Texas! Glenn

  2. By the way Chad, I took your knfe that you gave me a few years back to IRAQ...You remember the real sharp/nice one with my rank and name on it. Thanks again buddy! The site looks great! Glenn