Sunday, March 16, 2014

The big dig

There is a spring on the ranch down close to Cross Plains that has been a popular spot since before the Indians found it. I've read stories of wagons making camp here on their way west, area farmers hauling water from it during droughts, even speculation that the spanish, and or, confederate soldiers  buried treasure in the area.
 There was a hermit that lived in a dug out at the spring for years. He died some time in the 1950's. I knew about where his cabin was, but not exactly. I have found a lot of things, trace chains, pulleys, hand forged hinges, etc. around the spring, and just assumed the old dug out had caved in and nature had taken it back.
 Kyle and Doug decided, for some reason, to go running around in a briar thicket Saturday morning at the spring, ( I'm relatively sure there was a good reason, but I was scared to ask) and discovered the old dug out cabin. The door was made out of tin, covered with dirt and leaves, and had finally rotted and fallen in. We are in the midst of an archeological excavation.

Gold? Silver? I doubt it. If the poor folks that came before us had lost a nickel they would still be there looking for it.

The spring

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