Sunday, March 2, 2014

Inlayed spurs and a trip

I like for my spurs to be used, and these will be used 7 days a week. Tim runs a preconditioning yard northwest of Abilene, Tx, and there aren't many days off in that business.
A fine silver inlay for the name and bars, nickel silver for the rowel pin cap.

Kim and I took a trip last week out to the cowboy poetry gathering in Alpine and had a really good time. We ventured over into Presidio county one afternoon and had a good visit with Armando Vasquez of Casa Piedra, Tx. The ranch is 1.5 hours south of Marfa, and about as remote as you can get. It doesn't get any prettier than the desert and mountains on a nice day.

An outlaw bull nobody could keep at home, he wandered up to Armando's and took up residence

89 yrs old and still works every day

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