Saturday, January 11, 2014

The week in pictures

Scott had a successful hog hunt

Sam, my cattle buyer, can't wait to watch it

We started getting some calves in again this week. The quality is up but so are the prices. We will probably buy a lot more heifers this year than steers. We have a couple of good places this year with no neighbor bulls. If we can make cows out of some we might, but most are destined for the feed lot.


  1. That's a pile of pigs! We don't have any wild hogs out here. People will buy boars from the auction, turn em loose and charge people thousands to hunt them! LOL!

    Love that last pic. You go girl!

  2. That's the way they got started here. They never kill them all. I've never seen anything as destructive to our business as hogs.